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They both have claim to the same land. How will they figure out who gets it without killing each other first?


I won’t sit by anymore and let my good deeds go punished.
Especially while some jerk’s bad behavior is rewarded.
Sometimes one man’s karma is another person’s responsibility.
And I am that person.
But a rugged mountain man, with sarcasm for days, stands in my way of delivering sweet, cold revenge.


Can life get any worse?
Fate has answered that question with an emphatic yes, with the delivery of one brazen city-slicker into my life.
This particular city-slicker is a pushy, arrogant, controlling… woman.
Who bought the family tree farm out from under me when I couldn’t come up with the back taxes.
It’d be easier to keep hating her if she wasn’t so hot.
And… competent?
Nope, it’s definitely just the hot thing.

Taking What’s Mine is a sweet, but not completely clean, romance novella. This enemies to lovers romance is best enjoyed with a cup of tea (or wine?) and a sense of humor.

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