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Magic Pills – Episode 1

Magic Pills is a continuation of Alex and Jake’s story, picking up where Taking What’s Mine left off.


Life is great. The best it’s ever been.
I’ve got my practice up and running.
A steady stream of patients to keep tabs on.
Beastie has an endless supply of squirrels to chase.
And there’s the enchanting, intoxicating lumberjack warming my sheets every night.
(By enchanting, I mean brutally sarcastic)
It’s everything I… never dreamed of?
But it’s great.


Where the hell did all these people come from?
Every weekend is a tsunami of customers wanting trees.
Well… wanting to take pictures of themselves in front of, next to, under, and in the trees.
I swear if Alex says “agrotourism” one more time, I’m going to disappear into the forest forever.
But I can’t complain. (much)
The woman has single-handedly put the farm in the black with all her insane ideas and repaired my reputation.
All while building her own thriving practice.
I’m convinced there’s nothing she can’t do.
Except maybe… tell me she loves me.

Episode 1 of Magic Pills is a short romance read, and the first of more to come in the Dr. Alex Carter Series.

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