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Magic Pills – Episode 2

Magic Pills is an episodic continuation of Alex and Jake’s story that starts with Taking What’s Mine. This is Episode 2.


I haven’t worn my white coat in months.
Not that I put myself through med school just to wear a colorless coat, but…
Okay, I kind of did.
Because that white coat means something.
Ambition. Knowledge. Authority.
But I traded it for a life with Jake Blair – the sexiest tree farmer I’ve ever met.
I’m still a practicing physician.
A psychiatrist, to be exact.
But life as a rural shrink is a far cry from the fast-paced New York clinic I left behind more than a year ago.


Winter. The best time of year.
Because everything is dead.
Plant-wise, I mean.
Except for the Christmas trees, and people cut those down themselves. They actually pay me and do my work for me.
I’m a free, happy man.
Free to spend my mornings “testing” Sarah’s breakfast spread for the B&B.
Free to go on hikes, hunt, hang out with Beastie.
And free to hang out with Alex…
If she would just slow the hell down.
I keep lovingly encouraging her to focus (okay… maybe more like loudly complaining about how awful the B&B guests are every chance I get).
But I can so clearly see all the things she could go without to make her life easier.
And then… one of her patients get sick.
Really sick.
For the first time since she crashed into my life, I get a glimpse of Doctor Alex Carter.
And I wonder… is she really just “too busy” to move all her stuff out of her place in Manhattan to the farm?
Or is she keeping her options open?

Episode 2 of Magic Pills is a short romantic escape from reality (as all episodes are and will be), in the Dr. Alex Carter Series that begins with the book: Taking What’s Mine. Episodes should be read in order. The Dr. Alex Carter Series is a blend of romantic comedy, medical romance, and romantic suspense. You’ll laugh. You’ll love to hate the psychopathic villain. You may enjoy the light science-y stuff. And most importantly, you’ll swoon.

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